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Thank you for your interest in Georgia's career development program for emergency managers, business continuity planners and other emergency service professionals. The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) and the Georgia Department of Public Health have devoted much effort, in collaboration with our partners, to implement a career development program for emergency management and healthcare professionals. The program offers attainable levels of certification and recognized academic credit. Our goal is to continue to build and support emergency management and healthcare professionals with quality education programs.

If you are in the emergency management or healthcare field, seeking to improve as a professional, or have a role to play in the improvement of Georgia's preparedness, response or recovery capabilities, you are encouraged to participate in our career development programs.

Join us in making Georgia a safer place to live.

******* A Message from the Training Division ****** 

Please take a moment to update your Personal Profile.  Your FEMA SID# is now required in the Personal Profile.  Please update your profile with your FEMA SID# and your currrent Job Title and the Agency that you represent.  If we need to evaluate your training registration for approval, we take these into consideration.

Thank you.

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